Are You Just Getting Started?

Perhaps you are completely new to The TOEFL iBT and need to actually learn ABOUT the exam, before jumping into a full course.  A great way to get started is with the course:  “How Do I Do The TOEFL?”

Unlike the other courses in The TOEFL Excellence System, this course is in a downloadable PDF form.  (If you choose to enroll in a full TOEFL Excellence course afterwards, you will receive a discount towards your next course enrollment.)

(But If you’re Ready To Get Started With “Achieving Excellence” On The Exam…)

How Do I Do The TOEFL - The Absolute Essentials For Anyone Who Needs To Take The TOEFL iBT Exam In 2020


How To Answer Every Question
& Fulfill Every Task On The TOEFL iBT Exam

Our Primary On-Line TOEFL Preparation Course has been designed to give you EVERYTHING that you would get from a “traditional” TOEFL text-Book – Everything you would expect from a “traditional” TOEFL Preparation Course – but delivered in a way that provides you with FAR more than you would ever receive from either of the “traditional” methods.

The Focused "Master Courses"

The focused “Master Courses” are strictly designed for those who do NOT need to take a full TOEFL Preparation Course, but simply need to improve their skills on one particular section of the exam.  Let me know if you need to take one of the available “Master Courses” so that I can make sure that it is exactly the course that you need.

Mastering The Reading Section

Mastering The Listening Section

The Speaking Section Of The TOEFL iBT Exam

Mastering The Speaking Section

Mastering The Writing Section

The "TOEFL Dominator"
Full TOEFL iBT Training System

This course is for those who need extra help, or simply want to take their On-Line TOEFL Preparation to “The Next Level”.  This course contains everything from the “How To Answer…” course + More Full Practice Tests – Extra Premier Content – Weekly Webinars/Video Chats With “The Teacher” – As Well As Guided Advice, Based Upon Your Specific Needs.

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Is Your Exam In Less Than 1 Month?

Stressing about your preparation time is not going to do you any good.  But you certainly need to get started.

This package will prepare you as best as possible when you don’t have enough time to take a full TOEFL Preparation Course.

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