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TOEFL Practice Test – 001

Price:  $25 (You Are Not-Yet Enrolled In This Practice Exam)


This TOEFL Practice Test will mimic an authentic TOEFL Exam as far as the amount of content, and the types of Questions & Tasks that you would experience in an actual TOEFL iBT Exam.

Due to copyright restrictions, and software capabilities. The way that this exam looks on your screen, and the way that certain Question- & Task-Types function will be different than on the actual exam.  However – the actual content of The Reading Passages & Audio-Files — as-well-as the Question- & Task-Types is the same.

This Test Is For Practice & Evaluation Purposes Only — It Is NOT A Replacement For The Actual Exam!

For TOEFL Excellence Students

This TOEFL Practice Test is included with some TOEFL Excellence Course Packages.  Although you may take this practice test at any time during your TOEFL Excellence Training — If you are taking this practice test as part of one of those courses, it is advised that you take this test BEFORE going through the course, to get an idea of what areas of The Exam you may need to focus more effort on.

If you have already begun your training in one of the TOEFL Excellence Training Courses, you can still take this practice test.  There are no rules as to when you can take it.  And it will still be very beneficial in gauging your level and your progress as-well.

For Everyone Else

If you are taking this practice test alone — NOT as a part of any TOEFL Excellence Training Course — and you decide, afterward, that you would like to enroll in one of our Full Training Courses — the price of this test will be deducted from the cost of the course that you choose*.

* To Take Advantage Of This Offer, You Must Contact “The Teacher” To Ask For A Coupon Code Before Your Purchase Of The Course.  This Offer Is Only Valid With Full TOEFL Courses.  It Is Not valid With Any Of Focused Or Master Courses, Or Any Other Courses In The TOEFL Excellence Training System, Unless Otherwise Stated.

So Let’s Get Started!


1.  You will need to have a Skype account to leave your responses for the Speaking Section.

2.  It is advised that you have some paper and pens or pencils to take notes on the audio-files in The Listening & Speaking Sections -- and in any other part of the exam that you wish.

No other materials are needed.

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