Scoring Of The TOEFL Exam

A Brief Introduction To The TOEFL Exam (Part 1)

Scoring Of The TOEFL

The Scoring of the TOEFL is different for each Section, Question, & Task.  For The Reading & Listening Sections of The Exam — your answers will be scored automatically.  But for The Speaking & Writing Sections — your answers will be scored by actual humans who are trained & certified in the criteria for the scoring of your Responses.

Scoring Of The TOEFL Exam

(Not Actual Certified TOEFL Judges Or Scores)

One other thing that makes The TOEFL Exam unique is that — Since there are so many thousands of Responses that need to be scored every week — just to ensure that The Judges are scoring your Responses correctly — there is also a second line of Judges that makes sure that your Responses are scored properly.  (At least, that is what we are told.)

Scoring Of The TOEFL Exam

The Amount Of Points That Each Question & Task Is Worth Is Different Throughout The Exam.  The Specifics Of This Is Discussed Throughout This Course.

Your Scores will be available On-Line approximately 10 Days After The Exam, and the “hard-copy” of your Scores are mailed directly to The Institution that you selected upon Registration, approximately 2 Weeks After The Exam.  However — the actual delivery of your Scores is subject to the competency of the mailing service in each country.

Now Let’s Take A Look At The Over-all Structure Of The Exam…

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