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Your Headphones & Microphone

Head-Sets For The TOEFL Exam

Although it is required for the testing-center to provide you with (as the organization that created The Exam says) “Noise-Cancelling” headphones and a microphone — this will probably be in the form of a head-set with a built-in microphone.  And these will probably NOT be “Noise-Cancelling”.

Unfortunately — once a school or business has been approved to be an Official Testing-Center — there is almost no over-sight to ensure that the people at the Testing-Center live up to their requirements.  I have spoken with far too many people who said that their headphones or the microphone did not work properly, and were told that they had to re-do the entire exam…  at their expense.

If This Happens — it is possible to get a refund.  But that becomes YOUR problem.  In other words, the Testing-Center and the organization that created The Exam may or may not help you.  But what’s worse…

  • The process of getting the refund (if it happens at all) could take months
  • You still have to take the entire exam over — not just the portion that was affected
  • If you do have to take The Exam again — you may miss the deadline for getting your Exam Scores submitted to whatever University or Institution you are taking The Exam for

The Solution…

If there IS a problem with any of your equipment — you MUST tell someone Immediately, so that they can provide you with better equipment or a different computer.  There will be an equipment test that happens before the exam starts.  This is when you have the opportunity to do this.

But The Best Things That You Could Do..

  • If You Know Where You Will Be Taking The Exam — go there early and ask to see the Testing-Center & Equipment
  • If You Know Someone Who Has Taken The Exam At The Testing-Center You Will Be Going To — ask what their experience was so you can prepare

(So… If You Are Ready To Achieve Excellence…)

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