Headphones & Microphone

A Brief Introduction To The TOEFL Exam (Part 1)

Your Headphones & Microphone

Head-Sets For The TOEFL Exam

Although it is required for The Testing-Center to provide you with (as the organization that created The Exam says) “Noise-Cancelling” Headphones and a Microphone — this will probably be in the form of a Head-Set with a built-in Microphone.  And these will probably NOT be “Noise-Cancelling”.

Unfortunately — once a school or business has been approved to be an Official Testing-Center — there is almost no over-sight to ensure that the people at the Testing-Center live up to their requirements.  I have spoken with far too many people who said that the Headphones or Microphone did not work properly, and were told that they had to re-do The Entire Exam…  at their own expense. 👿

If This Happens — it is possible to get a refund.  But that becomes YOUR problem.  In other words — The Testing-Center and the organization that created The Exam may or may not help you.  But what’s worse…

  • The process of getting the refund (if it happens at all) could take months
  • You still have to take The Entire Exam over — not just the portion that was affected
  • If you do have to take The Exam again — you may miss the deadline for getting your Exam Scores submitted to whatever University or Institution you are taking The Exam for

The Solution…

If there is a problem with any of the equipment they provide you with — you MUST tell someone Immediately, so that they can provide you with the proper equipment or a different computer.  There will be an equipment test that happens before The Exam begins.  This is when you have the opportunity to do this.

Headphones & Microphone

But The Best Things That You Could Do..

  • If You Know Where You Will Be Taking The Exam — go there early and ask to see the Testing-Center & Equipment
  • If You Know Someone Who Has Taken The Exam At The Testing-Center You Will Be Going To — ask what their experience was so you can prepare

Headphones & Microphone

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