A Brief Introduction To The TOEFL Exam (Part 1)

A Brief Introduction To The TOEFL Exam (Part 1)

The TOEFL iBT Exam

(A Brief Introduction)

The TOEFL iBT Exam is made up of Four Distinct Sections — all used for the purpose of testing one’s ability in the four different — but related — Language Skills:

    • Reading
    • Listening
    • Speaking
    • Writing

Each section tests a persons ability to:  Comprehend, Integrate, & Utilize various English Skills — in order to function in a University-type situation, with a focus on American English.

The entire Exam takes approximately 4 hours (see Notice below) and — unlike similar exams — all Sections of The Exam are completed on the same day.

Notice! — It has been announced by the creators of the exam, that since August 1st, 2019 — the entire exam will only be 3 hours in length.  Further details will be explained in the relevant areas of this course.


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