"TOEFL Dominator" – Full TOEFL iBT Training System TOEFL Excellence
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“The TOEFL Dominator”

(Full TOEFL iBT Training System)

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This is The Premier TOEFL Excellence Training Program.  This is the course that will teach not-only everything ABOUT The TOEFL iBT Exam — but will also provide you with plenty of extra information that other text-books & training programs do not.


  • Format Of The Exam
  • How To Approach Every Question- & Task-Type
  • How To Answer Every Question- & Task-Type
  • What Skills Will Be Necessary For Each Section, Question, & Task
  • The “Tricks & Traps” To Be Aware Of
  • The “Master Skills” To Completely Dominating Each And Every Question & Task On The Exam!
  • + More! 😎


  • Lots Of Question & Task Examples
  • Plenty Of Practice Questions & Tasks
  • Full Practice Tests — (Coming Soon!)


Everything Else That You Will Need For:

  • Developing The Necessary Skills
  • How To Find Your Testing Center
  • How To Register — (Coming Soon!)
  • What To Expect On Testing-Day

Along with a wealth of other invaluable Information & Resources that will be ESSENTIAL for you to…

"TOEFL Dominator" – Full TOEFL iBT Training System TOEFL Excellence

“Achieve Excellence On The TOEFL iBT Exam”

(In other words…  this is the course for you!)


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1.  You will need to have a Skype account to leave your responses for the Speaking Section.

2.  It is advised that you have some paper and pens or pencils to take notes on the audio-files in The Listening, Speaking, & Writing Sections -- and in any other part of the exam that you wish.

3.  It is recommended that you use a Firefox, Google Chrome, or any Chrome-Based Browser.  It is not recommended to use Internet Explorer.

No other materials are needed.

Course Content

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