TOEFL Exam Format

As you probably know — The TOEFL Exam is conducted on-line at Official Testing-Centers around the world.  Although it is done on-line — it is NOT possible to take The Exam outside of an Official Testing-Center.

The Exam is conducted every nearly weekend throughout the world, but the availability for each location varies according to student demand and available resources for that area.  To find the exact dates in your area — visit The TOEFL Testing Dates & Locations Page.

Some Other Useful Info:

  • The Testing-Center Will Provide The Computers, Headphones, & Microphones For The Exam — (It Is Your Responsibility to inform the people at the Testing-Center if your Headphones and/or Microphone are not working properly. There will be an opportunity to do this before The Exam begins.)
  • You Can Take Notes On The Exam, And The Testing-Center Is Required To Provide You With Paper & Writing Utensils — (However you should also bring your own pens, pencils, and paper — just in case.  Just don’t bring the paper in a notebook that you wish to keep.  All notes are collected after the exam.)

  • Many Of Your Answers Will Be Scored Immediately — Spoken & Written Answers Will Be Graded Later, By People Certified To Do So.

  • Your Over-all TOEFL Score Will Be Available On-Line Approx. 10 Days After The Exam

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