The Format Of The TOEFL iBT Exam

The Format Of The TOEFL iBT Exam

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(Overview Of The Entire TOEFL iBT Exam)

This course provides you with (as the name implies) all of the information about The Format of The TOEFL iBT Exam — Including:

        • The Length Of The Entire Exam .
        • The Length & Timing Of Each Section Of The Exam .
        • An Explanation Of Each Section Of The Exam .
        • An Explanation Of Each Question- & Task-Type .
        • The Directions For Each Section .
        • The Directions For Each Question & Task-Type .
        • A Description Of The Overall Exam-Day Experience For Each Section

This course has been designed to introduce your to the overall Format Of The TOEFL iBT Exam,  before the actual Testing-Day — either as a refresher — or to help you out in the situation that you did not prepare for The Exam, and do not have enough time to go through a “Full Preparation Course” before Exam-Day.  This course would also be good for teachers who are helping others to prepare for The Exam.

Notice — Although this course explains the Full Format of The TOEFL iBT Exam…

This Course Does NOT Teach You HOW To Answer Every Question & Fulfill Every Task On The Exam

Nor Does It Teach You Any Of The:

Master-Skills Or The Tricks & Traps Of The Exam

However — this course IS a Full Exam course.  Meaning, you will get a full overview of the entire exam, inclusding each and every one of the Question- & Task-Types, along with additional information about Scoring, and other FAQ.

If You Need To Know — HOW to answer every Question & Fulfill Every Task — and would like to have additional practice with each Question- & Task-Type — Then I suggest that you choose either:


. Both Of The Above Courses — contain all of the information that is contained with-in this course — but also provide the extra information & practice that you may need, in order to “Achieve Excellence On The TOEFL iBT Exam”…  😎

This Course Has Been Specifically Designed For:

  • Those Who May Already Be Familiar With The Exam .
  • Those Whose English Skill-Level Is Already Much Higher Than What Is Necessary For The Exam .
  • Those Who Need A Quick Review Of The Exam Before Testing-Day .
  • Those Who Do Not Have Enough Time Before Exam-Day To Take A Full Preparation Course

If you fall into any of those categories — Then this course is definitely for you.  If you should decide that you need to upgrade from this course to either “How To…” or “TOEFL Dominator…” — let me know and I will discount the price of this course towards your upgrade 😎

Whatever You Need…  TOEFL Excellence Has Got You Covered


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Course Content

Lessons Status

The "Extra" Question-Type ("What Happens Next?")


The "Extra" Video Summary (The One That Didn't Fit)


Listening Section - Overall Experience (Exam Day)


3.0 – The TOEFL Speaking Section (Introduction)


3.1 – "Independent" Task 1 – (Personal Experience)


3.2 – "Independent" Task 2 – (Personal Preference)


3.3 – Integrated Task 1 – (Campus Situation - Summary)


3.4 – Integrated Task 2 – (Academic Course - Combining Information)


3.5 – Integrated Task 3 – (Campus Situation – Problem & Solution)


3.6 – Integrated Task 4 – (Academic Course – Summary)


Speaking Section - The Overall Experience (Exam Day)


4.0 – The TOEFL Writing Section (Introduction)


4.1 – Integrated Task – (Academic Topic – Summary)


4.2 – "Independent" Task – (Personal Preference)


Writing Section – The Overall Experience (Exam Day)



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