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TOEFL Writing Section Tasks

Although almost all of the available:  Text-Books, Teachers, & Videos — refer to the two Tasks in The TOEFL Writing Section as “Questions”…  They are not…  They are “Tasks”.  And — as with other terms used for this Exam — this is not very important.

 But If You Haven’t Yet Noticed Already — In The Course — We Are All About TOEFL “Excellence”…  Not Just Simply, TOEFL “Good Enough”. 😎

There are only two Tasks in this entire Section.  And just as The Reading & Listening Sections, were very similar to each other — so are the Speaking & Writing Sections.

Writing Section — Task One

(The So-Called “Integrated” Task)

The first Task in The Writing Section is almost like a longer version of The Speaking Section“Combining Information” Task.  You First:  Read A TextSecond:  Listen To A LectureThen:  Write A Summary about The Information that was given in both Sources.

Besides the Text & Audio being a bit longer — the only real difference between This “Integrated Task” and that of The “Combining Information” Task is that you have more time to formulate your Response — and, of course, you will Write it, instead of Speaking it.

Writing Section — Task Two

(The So-Called “Independent” Task)

Just as the first Writing Task was simply a Written version of a Speaking Task — so too is this one.  This (so-called) “Independent” Task is just a Written version of The Speaking Section“Personal Preference” Task.

You are presented with a Situation — and then asked to make a choice between two or three options about that Situation.  You then have to state which options you would choose, and why — giving Reasons & Examples for your decision.  The only difference (once again) being that you have more time to formulate your Response — and that you will Write it, instead of Speaking it.

 And Remember! — just like with The Speaking Section — if you follow my directions — You WILL “Achieve Excellence” on This Section Too 😎

(Now…  Let’s Get Into It!!!)



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