Writing Skills Tested

Mastering The Writing Section Of The TOEFL iBT Exam

Writing Skills Tested

Writing Skills Tested

The Writing skills tested-for in The TOEFL Exam are perhaps the most “traditional” of all the Skills tested…  (perhaps that is why is saved for last?)  Since you will ABSOLUTELY need to be able to Write an Academic Paper if you enter a University — this is essentially what you are being tested for here.  Specifically…


  • Writing To Show Basic Comprehension Of…

    • The Main Idea — (Of A Text & Lecture)
    • Supporting Details — (Of A Text & Lecture)
    • Potentially New Vocabulary — (Of A Text & Lecture)
    • The Ability To Synthesize Information From Both A Spoken & Written Source
    • To Formulate Your Writing In A Cohesive Manner Using Proper Grammar & Vocabulary


  • Writing About Personal Thoughts, Opinions, Ideas

    • Important People, Places, Events, Etc.
    • To Describe A Personal Preference
    • To Choose Between Two of Three Given Options
    • To Give Reasons For One’s Thoughts & Opinions
    • To Give Examples To Support Those Reasons


As The Reading & Listening Sections of The Exam are very similar — so too are The Speaking & Writing Sections.  The skills that you will need to use (besides the ability to type) are essentially the same as in The Speaking Section.  The only difference is that your answers will be Written , rather than Spoken. (But you have significantly more time to formulate your Response!) 😎

(Now Let’s Look At The Different Types Of Reading Passages)



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