What This Course Presumes

This Course Presumes That…

  • You Already Know That You Need To Take The TOEFL Exam

  • You Are Already Familiar With The Format Of The Entire Exam

  • You May Have Already Taken The Exam Before And Need To Improve Your Score On The Speaking & Writing Sections

  • You Do NOT Need To Learn About Anything Else Related To The Exam

  • You Do NOT Need To Learn Anything More About The Other Sections Of The Exam

  • You Already Possess The Necessary Skills To Succeed In All The Other Areas Of The Exam

  • You Simply Need To “Master The Speaking & Writing Sections Of The TOEFL iBT Exam”

Any other information about the exam that may be necessary, but is not directly related to our purposes here, can be found on The GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – TOEFL Portal – either presented by GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!, or as a link to the necessary information at the official web-site for the makers of the exam.

And so…

Let Us Begin

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