Mastering The Speaking & Writing Sections Of The TOEFL iBT Exam

Mastering The Speaking & Writing Sections Of The TOEFL iBT Exam

This Focused Master Course — Mastering The Speaking & Writing Sections Of The TOEFL iBT Exam — is specifically designed to — not only give you everything that you need to know ABOUT the TOEFL Speaking & Writing Sections, but also — give you the skills, necessary to achieve the best possible score on both of these sections of The TOEFL iBT Exam. This course combines The Speaking & Writing Sections together into one course because the two Task-Types on The Writing Section, are almost identical to the first two tasks on The Speaking Section.  Obviously — The only difference is that in one section you will giving your answer in spoken form — while in the other, your answer will be in written form.

This course gives you all of the information that you would receive in the Speaking & Writing Sections of the TOEFL Excellence Courses…

This combined Focused Course also puts together everything that you would learn in both of the TOEFL Excellence Focused TOEFL Courses

So you will learn all of the extra “Master Skills” that you would learn in each of those courses individually — but you will also learn how:  the preparation, the format, and the delivery of your answers in each of these sections is almost the same — thus making it far more easy to handle both sections like a champion.

And all of this so that you will KNOW — when you go in on Testing-Day — that you absolutely WILL…

“Achieve Excellence On (The Speaking & Writing Sections Of) The TOEFL iBT Exam” 😎


Course Content

Lessons Status



What This Course Presumes


The TOEFL Speaking Section (Introduction)


Speaking Section - "Independent" Task 1 (Personal Experience)


Speaking Section – "Independent" Task 2 (Personal Preference)


Speaking Section – Integrated Task 1 (Campus Situation - Summary)


Speaking Section - Integrated Task 2 (Academic Course - Combining Information)


Speaking Section – Integrated Task 3 (Campus Situation – Problem & Solution)


Speaking Section – Integrated Task 4 (Academic Course – Summary)


Speaking Section - The Overall Experience (Exam Day)


The TOEFL Writing Section (Introduction)


Writing Section – Integrated Task (Academic Topic – Summary)


Writing Section – "Independent" Task (Personal Preference)


Writing Section – The Overall Experience (Exam Day)

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