The Differences Between The Reading & Listening Sections

So, you made it through The Reading Section…  Congratulations!!! 😎  You will find — by going through the next set of lessons on The Listening Section — that many of the Question- & Task-Types are very similar.

However — The Strategies for Answering & Fulfilling them will be slightly different.  First of all — the main difference between The Reading & Listening Sections, is that:

You Will First Hear The Entire Listening File — And Then You Will Have To Do ALL Of The Questions(Un-like in The Reading Section where-in you are able to see The Reading Passage Throughout The Section).

Therefore — taking notes (which only would have been a waste of time and energy in The Reading Section) will be almost ESSENTIAL in The Listening Section.

Be Aware!!! —  Although there is one Question-Type that will play a small portion of The Listening File again — for the rest of the Questions & Tasks, you will have to rely on either your memory or your notes to answer & fulfill them…  So TAKE NOTES!!!

But now that I have your attention — let me assure you that if you follow the instructions in the following lessons, you will…

Achieve Excellence On The Listening Section Of The TOEFL iBT Exam 😎 

(So Let’s Get Started!)


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