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Mastering The Reading & Listening Sections Of The TOEFL iBT Exam

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This Focused Master Course not-only gives you everything that you need to know about The TOEFL Reading & Listening Sections — but also gives you the skills necessary to achieve the best possible score on both Sections of The Exam.

This course combines The Reading & Listening Sections together into one course because the Skills and Strategies used in The Reading Section are almost identical to those used in The Listening Section.

The Only Difference Is That  —  in one section you will be answering Questions about something you Read — while in the other, the Questions will be about something that you Listened To…  Obviously 😎

This course gives you all of the information that is contained in The Reading & Listening Sections of the TOEFL Excellence Course

This combined Focused Course also combines everything that you would learn in both of The TOEFL Excellence Focused Courses

So you will learn how both of these Sections, and the Skills & Strategies in both of them are related.  Thus making it easier to Achieve Excellence on both of these Sections.

And all of this so that you will know for sure — that when Exam-Day comes — you absolutely WILL…

“Achieve Excellence On (The Reading & Listening Sections Of)
The TOEFL iBT Exam” 😎

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It is advised that you have some paper and pens or pencils to take notes on the audio-files in The Listening Section.

It is recommended that you use a Firefox, Google Chrome, or any Chrome-Based Browser.  It is not recommended to use Internet Explorer.

No other materials are needed.

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