Scoring Of The TOEFL

The Scoring of the TOEFL is different for each Section, Question, & Task.  For The Reading & Listening Sections of The Exam — your answers will be scored automatically.  But for The Speaking & Writing Sections — your answers will be scored by actual humans who are trained & certified in the criteria for the scoring of your Responses.

(Not Actual Certified TOEFL Judges Or Scores)

One other thing that makes The TOEFL Exam unique is that — Since there are so many thousands of Responses that need to be scored every week — just to ensure that The Judges are scoring your Responses correctly — there is also a second line of Judges that makes sure that your Responses are scored properly.  (At least, that is what we are told.)

The Amount Of Points That Each Question & Task Is Worth Is Different Throughout The Exam.  The Specifics Of This Is Discussed Throughout This Course.

Your Scores will be available On-Line approximately 10 Days After The Exam, and the “hard-copy” of your Scores are mailed directly to The Institution that you selected upon Registration, approximately 2 Weeks After The Exam.  However — the actual delivery of your Scores is subject to the competency of the mailing service in each country.

Now Let’s Take A Look At The Over-all Structure Of The Exam…

(So… If You Are Ready To Achieve Excellence…)