What Makes The TOEFL Awesome?!?!

Besides not having a dedicated Grammar section — what makes The TOEFL iBT Exam one of the most unique & innovative exams available — is that it essentially tests, not only one’s ability to function in a University-type setting, but…

…One’s Ability To Actually Learn!

Taking this into consideration — this is a test that EVERYONE has the ability to “pass”.  As long as he or she is able to Follow Directions Explicitly, and perform each task Efficiently & Effectively.

However — it should be noted that The TOEFL iBT Exam is not actually based on a “Pass–Fail” system.  It is graded on a “Point” system.  So the “Passing” score is whatever is required by the University or Institution that one is applying to — and thus, is determined by each individual Learning Institution.

The average score required by most Universities is 80-85 points.  For more technical and specialized programs — (Medical, Legal, Engineering, Scientific) — the score is typically 90-95 (or higher).  But each test-taker needs to verify this with the learning institution that he or she will be applying to, BEFORE Taking The Exam!!!

Finally — The TOEFL iBT Exam tests AUTHENTIC English.  Therefore — it is possible to make a mistake and STILL receive a “Perfect” score for some of the Questions & Tasks in The Exam.

This is because everyone (including those who are native English speakers) makes mistakes as a natural part of speaking.  This includes:  “False Stops”Slight Mis-Pronunciations — and Changing One’s Mind In Mid-Sentence.

Because Of This — it is possible to make a few mistakes on parts of this exam and STILL get an Excellent score!!! 😎

(So… If You Are Ready To Achieve Excellence…)